Southeast Asia in the First Millenium: Crossroads of Empire

With Miriam Stark, University of Hawai’i – Manoa

Engaging with Experts


Thursday January 13, 2022 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm



Focal Skills and Dispositions

Developing cross-cultural sensitivity; Developing empathy; Analyzing point of view and purpose


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Especially for educators of grade 7 social studies; all interested educators welcome

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Southeast Asia’s vast archipelagos and broad river valleys hosted a sequence of ancient kingdoms and empires whose reach extended deep into South Asia, and whose interaction always involved its Chinese neighbors to the north. The region was key to 1st-millennium developments across the Old World, and Southeast Asia’s ports and polities facilitated both Buddhism’s spread across most of Asia and globalized commerce that moved Southeast Asian spices, Chinese porcelains, and Chinese silks to the Mediterranean.  Two case studies, the 3rd-6th century Funan kingdom (Mekong Delta) and 7th-11th century Srivijaya empire (Sumatra), will structure our discussion. Classroom-friendly source materials will be shared, as well as recommended resources for further learning.

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