The Worlds of Oceania and Southeast Asia

Self-paced course; approximately 3 hours per session

3-Week Online Course


Tuesday July 5 – Friday July 29, 2022



Focal Skills and Dispositions

Developing cross-cultural sensitivity; Developing empathy; Analyzing point of view and purpose


10 PDPs


Partnership educators: No cost
Non-partnership educators: $200

Especially for educators of Grade 7

This self-paced online mini-course offers 7th grade social studies teachers — or any interested educator — an introduction to the geography, settlement, material cultures and innovations of early Pacific societies.  Each session is designed with preparatory readings, viewings and teachable resources that participants examine prior to watching a 90-minute scholar presentation. Session 1 highlights the history of Oceania, including its economic and trade relations  and the multi-layered effects of colonization on its peoples and history.  Session 2 introduces the ancient kingdoms and empires of Southeast Asia’s vast archipelagos and broad river valleys, using the 3rd-6th century Funan kingdom (Mekong Delta) and 7th-11th century Srivijaya empire (Sumatra) as case studies.  Session 3 offers a general introduction to Australian archaeology and material culture, addressing major periods in Aboriginal occupation and cultural ingenuity throughout time, from 60,000 years ago to present day.  Each session provides a rich array of classroom-friendly resources for addressing Topic 7.T3 of the MA Social Studies Framework. 

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