Advance Anti-racist Education with Primary Source

Neither the history of racism in the U.S., nor the practice of antiracist teaching, can be learned overnight: Primary Source believes that educators need to build expertise through ongoing learning and reflection.  Our programs and curricula demonstrate how educators can do this work in K-12 settings through confronting biases, breaking down stereotypes, and allowing people of all kinds to tell their stories from their own perspectives. 

These goals have informed  and been embedded in our work for decades, whether in the form of “promoting multiculturalism and diversity,” “building cultural proficiency,” “educating global citizens,” or “teaching antiracism.”  The core aim of amplifying voices and experiences that have traditionally been sidelined – and cultivating deeper understanding of the issues and perspectives shaping the lives of the marginalized – is baked into our approach. 

Our programs and curricular resources mirror these values by addressing  directly subjects such as race and power, LGBTQ rights, and cultural affirmation and engagement, and by developing increased knowledge and appreciation of minorities within and beyond U.S. borders. 

Districts, schools, and teachers will engage in sustained antiracist, antisexist, and anti-homophobic work through partnering with us and providing teachers with access to concrete options for advancing these aims. This work is not new for us; we look forward to working with educators as they move forward in their anti-racism journey.