Our Staff

Staff Videos: These are tough times and though we are physically distant, we are doing our best to stay socially connected. A few members of our Primary Source team took the time to record short videos to say “Hi” and let you know what we’ve been up to. 

Ann Black

HR and Administration

(617) 804-2377

Jennifer Boyle Nigro

Executive Director

(617) 804-2329

Sara Clamage

Program & Operations Manager

(617) 356-1407

Deborah Cunningham

Senior Program Director

(617) 804-2352

Christine Gonzalez

Director of Outreach

(617) 925-7662

Judy Katz

Director of Development

(617) 804-2356

Daniel Osborn

Program Director

(617) 804-2637

Jill Stevens

Program Director

(617) 580-0728

Susan Zeiger

Program Director

(617) 804-2335

Program Advisors

Aisha Banda

Civic Engagement & African Studies

Ricardo Calleja

World Literature & Language

Peter Gilmartin

Program Consultant

Angela Lee

World History

Yolanda Wilcox González

Education Technology