(BU Cohort) Multicultural History of Colonial and Revolutionary America

This course precedes a new online course that Primary Source will offer for the first time in Fall 2022, called Worldly Republic: The U.S. and the World in the Nineteenth Century. If you would like to take the courses in the sequence we have designed, this summer is the time to start!

Private Cohort


Wednesday July 6 – Tuesday August 2, 2022



Focal Skills and Dispositions

Textual analysis and interpretation; Evaluating visual evidence; Research skills


22.5 PDPs; option for 1 graduate credit ($160 fee applies)


Partnership educators: no cost (other than fee for 1 graduate credit)
Non-partnership educators: $300 (plus optional fee for 1 graduate credit)

For participants in the BU TAT cohort only

How did British, Spanish, French, African, Indigenous people and others incorporate their cultural roots in the creation of a new society in the lands that became the United States? The 4-week asynchronous online course revisits key moments, movements and developments in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries to trace a more diverse story of the nation’s beginnings.


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