Dynamic Societies of Ancient and Medieval Africa

4-Week Online Courses


Tuesday January 23 – Wednesday February 21, 2024


Asynchronous, Online


22.5 PDPs; 1 graduate credit ($160)


Partnership educators: no cost (other than fee for 1 graduate credit)
Non-partnership educators: $750 (plus fee for 1 graduate credit)

Especially for grades 6-12

Africa has a history of complex societies and rich cultures which has not, traditionally, been appreciated fully despite its deep and lasting contributions to humanity. This 4-week asynchronous online course will illuminate the longevity and dynamism of African civilizations, cultural developments, and connectedness to the world, with an emphasis on sub-Saharan regions. Each of four sessions will trace a different theme across a set of case studies and contexts: geography and environment; trade, exchange and cultural diffusion; knowledge and belief; and social structure and governance. Participants will explore a wealth of new websites and sources for the art, archaeology, technological achievements and literature of pre-modern African societies. Inquiry-centered approaches using interactive maps, material objects, and 3-D archaeological re-creations will also be featured. The course is highly relevant for teachers of geography, world history, ancient societies and world religions. All educators who seek a deeper understanding of Africa’s dynamic history are

[6.T3g]Interactions among ancient societies in Western Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East
[6.T4], Sub-Saharan Africa
[WHI.T3], Interactions of kingdoms and empires c. 1000–1500
[WHI.T2] Development and diffusion of religions and systems of belief c. 500 BCE–1200 CE
[WHI.T4] Philosophy, the arts, science and technology c. 1200 to 1700

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