India’s Century of Change: Diversity, Democracy & Social Dynamics

4-Week Online Courses


Wednesday July 5 – Tuesday August 1, 2023



Focal Skills and Dispositions

Evaluating visual evidence; Media literacy; Research skills; Analyzing point of view & purpose


22.5 PDPs; 1 graduate credit available ($160 fee for credit)


Partnership educators: no cost (other than fee for 1 graduate credit)
Non-partnership educators: $400 (plus fee for 1 graduate credit)

Open to all educators of grades K-12

Imagine how a country’s story changes when one switches the narrative from a reliance on colonial sources to the voices of those native to the country. This course analyzes the impact of such a switch through its exploration of India’s history and the diverse voices that comprise it. The 4-week asynchronous online course will provide educators with ways to approach this daunting diversity and to use it as a lens to examine India’s political development from the movement for independence and Partition to the re-election of Narendra Modi in 2019. Participants in the course will also examine the development of India’s economy, paying particular attention to urbanization, the wealth gap, and environmental issues. Cultural factors, such as gender, education, Bollywood will round out the course in the final week. A rich collection of readings, maps, photographs, documents, video, literature, and art will inform our study throughout the course.  

Standards: [7.T1] Central and South Asia [WHII.T3]  The global effects of 19th century imperialism [WHII.T7] The politics of difference among people: conflicts, genocide, and terrorism 

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