Rich Mosaic: Mt. Auburn Cemetery’s African American Heritage Trail

Presentation and docent-guided tour

Date: Saturday, September 17, 10am-12:30pm
Location: Bigelow Chapel, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Many thanks to those friends and supporters who shared a beautiful Saturday morning with us to learn about the diverse history of Mt. Auburn Cemetery and the importance of teaching accurate and inclusive U.S. history. 

We were honored that Bree Harvey, Vice President of Visitor & Cemetery Services, joined us to explain that Mt. Auburn Cemetery is both a resting place and an ever-changing reflection of our diverse society with stories to tell around every corner. 

Dr. Elaine McNeil-Girmai, Primary Source’s Special Projects Leader: African American Programs, shared the importance of acknowledging the diversity of our country’s classrooms and the positive, lasting impact that comes from teaching inclusive history from the perspective of African Americans to all students

Photographer: Jamie Rhode

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, MA

Mount Auburn Cemetery has more than 44,000 monuments. Together with the buildings, the monuments reflect nearly two centuries of changing trends in art, design and architecture and shifting attitudes about life and death

There is a story behind each grave at Mount Auburn. All of the men, women and children buried here left their mark in some way. Some had a large sphere of influence, impacting the region, nation or world in a profound, useful, entertaining or provocative way. We will be exploring the African American Heritage Trail.

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