Cornerstones for Civic Engagement

Cornerstones for Civic Engagement is a series of 12 curriculum units with corresponding professional development modules that cultivates civic skills and dispositions in students. 

All units provide:
Culturally responsive and grade-appropriate sources and student materials
Content that integrates with social studies and literacy instruction

  • Civics in Third Grade Social Studies

    Civic Engagement for Third Graders: Making It Real
    Comparing Wampanoag and Puritan
    Local Government 
    Education in Our Democracy, Past and Present
    Monuments in Massachusetts History: Who Gets Honored?

  • Civics in Fourth Grade Social Studies

    Whose Land Is This? Belonging in a Pluralistic Society
    Voting with their Feet: The Great Migration and the Search for Equality
    Natural Disasters: Roots and Civic Responses across Five Regions
    Environmental Stewardship: Taking Care of our Land and Environment

  • Civics in Fifth Grade Social Studies

    Religious Liberty: A Core Value in the Practice of Inclusiveness
    Enslavement and Resistance in Colonial America
    Political Protest in the Era of the American Revolution: How Do People Stand Up for Beliefs?
    What Is a Nation? Patriotism and Civic Identity in U.S and Native Contexts

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