The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China: Primary Source Lessons for Teachers and Students

Enduring Legacy of Ancient China

Available for purchase from Cheng & Tsui publishers.

Both an illustrated teacher’s guide and a textbook, this publication offers a wealth of primary sources and lessons for teaching about ancient China. Ideal for grades 5-9, and readily adaptable for high school students.

Highlights include:

  • 20 lessons on topics such as early Chinese mythology, Confucianism and other belief systems, family life, the arts, public works projects, and Chinese inventions.
  • thematically arranged lessons, which can be taught independently or in a sequence that best meets the needs of individual classrooms
  • activities engaging students with primary source materials, including learning to read and write Chinese characters, practicing mapping skills, making cross-cultural connections, and writing poetry based on ancient Chinese models
  • more than 200 primary sources.